Luang Prabang, UNESCO city

In 1995, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognized Luang Prabang city as one of the world heritage sites. The old Royal city has a long, rich and eventful history. Yet, Luang Prabang city has remained a small, pleasant place consisting of all tourist attractions within a short walking distance.

The city marrow streets lead to dozens of very beautiful temples as well as the houses that are perfectly constructed in a mixture of French-Indochinese architecture.

The former Royal Palace has recently turned into the National Museum and it has kept the famous Buddha Image called “Pra Bang.” Therefore, according to the legend, the name of this city was derived from the so-called Buddha Image and finally ended up calling the city as “Luangprabang.”

Luang Prabang local people are also renowned for their skills in making gorgeous silks and other handicrafts. Their silk making process is so unique in that it displays a variety of attractive silk patterns

But above all, this mysterious and peaceful city is still awaiting all travelers for exploration.

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